Collaborations for Change Releases 2021 Conference Report

Collaborations for Change is delighted to release a new report on their first national conference: Collaborations for Change Conference: Current Context of Canadian Post-Secondary Student Mental Health and Future Directions. Informed by the 1.5-day online event, the report outlines the current context of post-secondary student mental health, highlights key themes from the conference presentations, and proposes future directions.

In August 2021, the Best Practices Network and the University of Calgary Campus Mental Health Strategy hosted the Collaborations for Change Virtual Conference. With the aim to bridge research and practice on post-secondary student mental health, the event attracted 367 participants across 124 institutions, encompassing staff, students, clinicians, faculty from post-secondary campuses as well as representatives from government, non-government, private, and health care organizations.

Conference attendees participated in a variety of activities including keynote sessions, poster sessions, Ted-style talks, formal presentations, movement breaks, and networking sessions across seven content areas: COVID-19’s Impact on Student Mental Health; Indigenous/Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility; Evaluation, Research, and Assessment; Physical Activity; Health Promotion; Service or Program delivery; and Technology within the Post-Secondary Setting.

To learn more about the conference and future directions, access the full report:



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