August 16 - 17, 2023

Keynote Speaker

Lead Programming

Student panel

Join students from across Canada for a panel discussion and Q&A. Panelists will speak on mental health and well-being from a student lens, sharing experiences from their own educational journeys. Panelists will also highlight current challenges they see in post-secondary spaces as well as explore opportunities and solutions with fellow panelists and conference attendees.

Indigenous Elder panel

Panelists will discuss Indigenous perspectives on wellness. They will explore together how to co-create and contribute to supportive communities in post-secondary environments, as well as highlight barriers and explore solutions in delivering services to Indigenous communities and beyond.

Indigenous Counsellor panel

Featuring post-secondary Indigenous mental health and well-being professionals, this panel will discuss supporting student well-being informed by Indigenous traditions and ways of knowing and being. They will expand on therapeutic approaches and providing students in post-secondary with culturally appropriate services.

Panelists will also share their own experiences as Indigenous peoples as well as thoughts on what role settlers and non-Indigenous providers can play in providing relevant and safe spaces for Indigenous students.

Mindful meditation session breaks

Mindfulness facilitator, and co-host of UCalgary Mindfulness podcast, Justin Burkett, MN, RN, will guide conference attendees through simple and effective meditation practices during both days of the conference. These short, 10-minute sessions are designed to provide ways to clear our minds and rejuvenate our spirits during our two days together, as well as support our abilities to hear and interact with the important themes and discussions during our conference.


Start Time (CT) Session Speakers
10:00 AM Welcome & Traditional Blessing Elder Alvin Kube, Saulteau First Nation
10:15 AM Black and Boldly Belonging: Daring to Occupy Powerful Spaces Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa
11:00 AM Elder Panel Elder Mae Bickley
Elder Betty Carr-Braint
Elder Jean Wasegijig
Elder Roberta Price (Moderator)
12:30 PM Break | Mindfulness Session on Listening and Being Present Justin Burkett, MN, RN
12:45 PM Concurrent Sessions
Evaluation of Perception of Mental Health Care Among Students Using Campus-Based Services: A Collaborative Approach Sarah Brennenstuhl, University of Toronto
Sandra Yuen, University of Toronto
A Collaborative Pilot Initiative to Improve Mental Health in Post-Secondary Institutions Jesse Hayman, Greenspace Health
The Shift Project: A Data Informed Approach to Supporting Equity-Deserving Student Mental Health Through Changing Campus Culture Taryn McKenna, Queen's University
Canada's Student Mental Health Network: A Collaborative Knowledge Translation Initiative Amy Ecclestone, Queen's University
Brooke Linden, Queen's University
Jessica Rose, Queen's University
Alina Ladner, Western University
Amber McCart, Queen's University
Matthew McLean, University of New Brunswick
Bryanna Barker, University of Manitoba
Improving Indigenous Student Wellbeing at Postsecondary Institutions Melanie Grier, University of Calgary
1:30 PM
Break / Poster Session
Collaborative Approaches and Recommendations on Addressing Suicides at Post-Secondary Campuses Aaron So, University of Calgary
Ana Ramirez Pineda, University of Calgary
Harveen Saini, University of Calgary
Food for Mood: Practical Advice on How to Improve Your Diet Elnaz Vaghef Mehrabani, University of Calgary
Gerry F. Giesbrecht, University of Calgary
An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience for Self-Management of Stress and Anxiety – Research in Progress Maddie Venables, University of Ottawa
Jeffrey Puncher, University of Ottawa
Measuring Wellbeing in Postsecondary Students: Relationship Between Coping, Self-Efficacy, Self-Compassion, Perceived Time Use, and Stress Lisa Mah, University of Calgary
Meadow Schroeder, University of Calgary
Building an EMPOWERed Classroom: A 2-Part Workshop to Increase Mental Health Literacy and Psychological Indices in University Course Instructors Delaney Johnson, Lakehead University
2:00 PM Concurrent Sessions
Champions for Mental Health - Identifying, Celebrating, and Inspiring Educators for Impact Erin Burns, Queen’s University
Cathleen O’Brien, Queen’s University
Best Practices Guide in Action: Strengthening Post-Secondary Mental Health Program Evaluation and Knowledge Exchange Sandra Yuen, University of Toronto
Jennifer Thanhausser, University of Calgary
Brooke Linden, Queen’s University
Supports for Mental Health in Academic Libraries Alexandra Alisauskas, University of British Columbia
Rhiannon Jones, University of Calgary
Sexologists in Practice at McGill’s Student Wellness Hub Bilun Naz Boke, McGill University
Julie Marceau, McGill University
Maga Li Monteilhet-Labossiere, McGill University
Normal O'Brien, McGill University
The Implementation of the National Standard by Mid-2023: What We Know Amy Fogarty, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Sarah Ferguson, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Movement for Mental Health: Supporting Student Mental Health Through Program Assessment and Redevelopment Michelle Chimenti, Mount Royal University
Patti Paccagnan, Mount Royal University
Jackie Cooney, Mount Royal University
2:45 PM Break
3:00 PM
Concurrent Sessions
Recovery College: Empowering Students on their Mental Health Recovery in Post-Secondary Environment Brooklyn Bastarache, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
Elsa Kiosses, University of Toronto Scarborough
Integrating Co-Design to Create Contextually Relevant Mental Health Literacy Programs on Campus Emma Bruce, McMaster University
Marina Boutros Salama, McMaster University
Dr Catharine Munn, McMaster University
Muhammad Farooq, McMaster University
Leonardo Ologundudu , McMaster University
Implementation and Use of the National Standard for the Mental Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students Across Canada Elizabeth Cawley, The Cawley Mughal Group
Sarah Mughal, The Cawley Mughal Group
Colonialism on Campus: Using Anti-Oppressive Practices to Reduce Barriers to Positive Student Mental Health Cecilia Amoakohene, The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health
La santé mentale étudiante en enseignement supérieur au Québec : unir nos forces pour développer des connaissances scientifiques et favoriser leur mobilisation et utilisation Julie Lane, Université de Sherbrooke
Catherine Roy-Boulanger, Université de Sherbrooke
The Pardesi Project: Using South Asian Punjabi Short Films to Raise Awareness about Mental Health Challenges among International Students Jasmeet Chagger, Soch Mental Health
3:45 PM Indigenous Counsellor Panel / Closing Remarks Nancy Harn, University of New Brunswick
Roger John, University of Victoria
Seapieces Marsland, University of Saskatchewan


Start Time (CT) Session Speakers
9:25 AM Networking: Ask Us Anything!
10:00 AM Welcome & Traditional Blessing Elder Alvin Kube, Saulteau First Nation
10:20 AM Supporting Inclusive Student Engagement in Campus Mental Health - A Presentation from the Mental Health Commission of Canada Amy Fogarty, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Sarah Ferguson, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Kevin Friese, University of Alberta
Chelsea Butler, University of Alberta
Gurleen Kaur, University of Alberta
Jordan Zacher, University of Alberta
11:05 AM Break | Mindfulness Session on the Importance of Taking Breaks Justin Burkett, MN, RN
11:15 AM Co-Creating Peer Support Interventions for Crisis and Suicide with Post-Secondary Students Gina Dimitropoulos, University of Calgary
Paige Lougheed, University of Calgary
Julia Hews-Girard, University of Calgary
Our National Standard Journey: Audit Recommendations in Action Jenna Strydonck, Lambton College
Equity, Diversity, and Accessibility in Student Mental Health Research in the Post-Secondary Setting Amanda Uliaszek, University of Toronto
Maya Ahia, University of Toronto
Maya Amestoy, University of Toronto
Implementing a Coordinated Canadian Post-Secondary Measurement System: An Update on the Canadian Campus Well-Being Survey/ Bien-être sur les Campus Canadiens (CCWS) Guy Faulkner, University of British Columbia
Matthew Fagan, University of British Columbia
Caroline Wu, University of British Columbia
Do e-Mental Health Tools Help Students or Not? Darren Stevens, Dalhousie University
12:00 PM Break / Networking
12:15 PM Sharing Our Experiences of the Collaborative Co-creation of a Suicide Stigma Reduction Program: An Advisory Group Perspective Brittany Lindsay, University of Calgary
Arianna Gibson, University of Saskatchewan
Emily Bernier, University of Calgary
Gemma Reynolds, University of Calgary
Monique Chen, University of Calgary
Faith Belarmino, University of Calgary
Post-Secondary Students’ Perceptions of Resilience: “Doing it Differently” Jennifer Thannhauser, University of Calgary
Gina Dimitropoulos, University of Calgary
Keith Dobson, University of Calgary
Madison Heintz, University of Calgary
David Nordstokke, University of Calgary
Thomas Qiao, University of Calgary
Alex Riggin, Uiversity of Calgary
Andrew Szeto, University of Calgary
Towards Procedural Transparency: Building Student Access to Critical Mental Health Knowledge Jan Defehr, University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education
Post-Secondary Student Mental Health Research: A Global Collaboration and Partnership Kristin Cleverley, University of Toronto
Orly Lipsitz, University of Toronto
Our Journey in Addressing the Mental Well-Being of Students of the Global Majority Through Peer Collaborations Rita Hanoski, University of Saskatchewan
Seapieces Marsland, University of Saskatchewan
Where Do We Go from Here? Understanding the Current Landscape of Counselling Centers Lynn Braun, SUNY Oswego
1:00 PM Break / Networking
1:15 PM Kairos Blanket Exercise Information Session Shona Lee Sparrow
2:30 PM Student Panel / Closing Remarks Matt Larsen, University of Calgary
Smriti Jha, Dalhousie University
Angelin Thipahar, University of Toronto
Tia De Groot, University of British Columbia
Brittany Lindsay, University of Calgary (Moderator)
Elder Alvin Kube, Saulteau First Nation
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